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Golf Cart Rentals


Welcome to Cars and Carts Rentals

We invite you to enjoy an open-air ride in one of our brand new customized Golf Carts! We rent the sharpest looking, most well maintained carts on the Island.

Renting a Golf Cart while visiting Port Aransas, TX or while visiting in Galveston, Tx has become a “Must-Do”. Our Carts are fun and easy to drive.  spare your vehicle the salt and sand on our roads while traveling in style!

Put your foot on the gas to circle the town, break for some refreshment,  and pick up all of those souvenirs and beach toys! You’re in charge of your own good time!

All online reservations have a discounted rate. Book with us now!

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All online reservations include a discounted rate. Use the link above to reserve your Island carts today!

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Golf Carts All in One Place!

We have the best there is to offer for golf carts all in place.

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Bicycle Rentals

Enjoy cycling the Islands in Texas. We offer bike rentals in a variety of colors and sizes.

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The Best Golf Carts on the Market

Our carts have full-length tops that cover all seats, extra-long seat belts, and comfy padded seats. Comfortable and fun for kids and adults.

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