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6 Seat Golf Cart

Enjoy the preferred method of transportation on the island, our 6 seats golf carts rent by the week, day or hour. The whole family can pile on to go to the beach, pools or just take a simple ride on the island to enjoy nature at it’s finest! This is the very best mode of transport to explore all of this most special of Port Aransas.

What you need to know

  • Golf carts are motor vehicles. Most traffic laws apply to their operation — including, seat belt, open container and DWI laws.
  • Golf carts may only be operated by persons with a valid operator’s permit and/or driver’s license.
  • The rented vehicle shall not be used to carry passenger in excess of the capacity.
  • No person may ride in the lap of the driver or any other occupant.
  • While the golf cart is in motion, the driver and every other occupant of a golf cart must remain seated in a seat designed to hold passengers.

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